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Strengths Network North America: “In unity we have Strength”
We exist to develop individuals and teams using StrengthsFinder®. The Strengths Network  provides information, training, coaching and connection throughout North America.

The Strengths Network exists to provide a common place for people to get information, support and advice about Strengthsfinder.

The Network is made up of Accredited Strengths Coaches whose common mission is to be a part of the Strengths Revolution in North America.

As a member of the Strengths Network, accredited coaches are expected to:

  1. provide quality coaching experiences
  2. maintain their accreditation on an annual basis
  3. attend regular on-going training opportunities when offered.

They can also enjoy the support of their coaching peers and a local Hub leader, who is committed to hosting local gatherings to connect, and present the latest resources and tools.

Our Accredited Strengths Coaches are available to work with individuals and teams.

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Strengths Network

We discover the authentic strengths and motivations of individuals, teams and organizations and equip them to fulfill their unique purpose. Whether you are an individual in career or life transition or a member of a team that desires to take performance to the next level, we can help. We employ a unique and proven process that allows a holistic approach to coaching. We are experts in the process, allowing YOU to be the expert on YOU.

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