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Strengthsfinder is a tool developed by Gallup University to identify an individual’s Signature Themes of Talent.

In the early 1950s Donald O Clifton began the study to determine the most natural thoughts, feelings and behaviours of “the best of the best”

He quickly discovered that our talents do more than make us unique individuals.  Our greatest talents also serve as our best opportunities for excellence when they are followed.

Sure, skills are important and knowledge is vital but Strengths requires something more important and powerful than skill and knowledge combined – Talent.

Once we discover the talents in individuals we begin to recognise where investing time and energy, skills and knowledge are best placed to develop that talent into a Strength.  A Strength delivers a consistent near-perfect outcome and when individuals get to do what they do best, they are not only more efficient, but their engagement to their organization increases and the quality of their work increases.

How can we develop the people in our organisations?  How should we manage them?   – By discovering their talents and creating opportunities for them to understand their most natural thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we also. discover ways to understand their unique contribution and greatest potential for Strength.

The real tragedy of life is not that each person doesnt have enough strengths, its that we fail to use the ones we have. Benjamin Franklin.

Top 5 StrengthsFinder

To get your Top 5 Clifton StrengthsFinder report, follow the instructions below.

1. Purchase your Strengths Discovery Package (USD$9.99) from www.gallupstrengthscenter.com. This will allow you to do the test online and identify your Top 5 Signature Themes.You will need to find a quiet and interuption free place to complete the test. Please allow yourself 40 minutes for this process.

2. On completion of the assessment, you will recieve your Top 5 Signature Theme Report. Read through this report to prepare for your coaching session.

3. Email your Signature Theme Report to a certified coach. To find a coach in your area go here. Your coach will contact you directly to make an appointment. Each coach is trained to make this session a very relaxed yet insightful, positive experience for you.

Note: Strengthsfinder is designed to be a practical tool for individuals, however, without the coaching component, it merely becomes a fun pop-quiz with about as much impact.  The process of understanding your Strengths is to spend time with an accredited coach who will help you discover the profound impact of your Top 5 Talents.


What would happen if everyone in the world started from the perspective with “What’s right” with people as opposed to “What’s wrong” and what needs to be fixed?  What would happen if our organisations all found what individual does best and built their teams with this in mind?

What would it be like to work in a team that allows you to focus 80% of your energy on what you do best, and finding key partnerships with others who also get to do what they do best?

Imagine a body.  What if the ear thought it was more important than the eye?  What if the ear was expected to see?  What if the eye was meant to hear?  The body works in perfect unity when each gets to function in the way they are designed.

Once your team has completed their “Individual Top 5 Signature Theme” coaching sessions, they are then ready to be a part of the Team Session.  Team Sessions are modules customized to suit the requirements of each team and to help develop an understanding of how each individual’s strengths can contribute to the team they work in.


This is a 2 hour session designed to help you discover each person’s greatest potential and find strategies to maximize the contribution each person makes within this partnership to achieve a common goal.

How many times have you worked with someone and discovered that your success was due to a complementary partnership?

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first to scale Mt Everest. Their dedication to reaching the summit meant both were willing to suffer the high altitudes and relegate their selfish concerns.

The most important advantage 2 climbers have over one is the ability to rope themselves together, moving towards the summit as one.  Thus when people asked the pair who got there first they knew there was no sense to this question because they knew that all the way up and all the way down they were helped by each other.  They were not leader and led – They were partners!

Full 34 Strengths

Our Top 5 Signature Themes are just the beginning…

We function in up to 10 – 12 Signature Themes of talent as our Dominant Patterns.  We also have themes which act as Supportive Patterns and then there are the Themes at the bottom of the list of 34 known as our Non-Patterns.

To download your Full 34 Report go to the Gallup® Strengths Center and purchase your Strengths Development Package.

A Full 34 Strengths Coach is trained to unpack a individual’s Full 34 Theme Sequence Report. The coach will learn strategies to help individuals discover and leverage their talents, while managing their non-patterns, to meet personal goals and enhance relationships, well being and credibility.


StrengthsQuest is a student development and engagement program designed to help high school and college students achieve success in academics, career, and life. Its applications are all web based. The online assessment is identical to the Strengths Discovery Package. StrengthQuest helps students celebrate differences and acknowledge each individuals unique contribution to their community.

Phase One – Personal Development

1. To purchase a StrengthsQuest package contact the Strengths Network Office.

Cost: $65, this includes:

  • Access code and instructions to complete the online assessment
  • Their Top 5 Strengths Report
  • Further online learning including the online Student
    StrengthsQuest publication
  • 1:1 coaching session with a Gallup Accredited Strengths Coach

2. Email your Signature Theme Report to your certified coach as arranged by your school/organisation or click here to find a coach. Your coach will contact you directly to make an appointment. Each coach is trained to make this session a very relaxed yet insightful, positive experience for you.

Phase Two (Optional)


Deciding what to do once you leave school can be a daunting decision.

Understanding yourself and the world of work and how they fit together is a crucial part of discovering career options that you can thrive in.

Learning how your Strengths can be applied in different careers and the type of work environment you are best suited to are all ways to help refine the type of career options you choose to pursue.

By learning goal setting strategies you can help yourself get one step closer to achieving your career dreams.

Cost: $65 1hr session with an accredited Strengths coach.


Leadership Development

Effective leaders know what they do well, and they find ways to apply their talents authentically and productively. Understanding your talents is an important step in cultivating self-awareness as a leader.  As a leader it will give each student a valuable tool to help recognise and develop othert students unique contributions within their school/youth community.

Cost: $65 1hr session with an accredited Strengths coach.


Group Sessions

Group sessions are designed to maximise each indiviuals role on the team. They can be customised for student councils, sport teams, prefect training, staff development and any other teams within the school environment.

Cost: $100 per hr with an accredited Strengths coach.


Jack Hickey writes “Do not look at what you can not do; but instead look at what you can do.  Once you find that, you build on it”.

Strengths Quest Resources


8 years to 12 years old

Each child is talented.  There is something that each child can do really well. In fact better than most people they know.  What is it? What is the unique talent they bring to the world?

We each have great talents, and the more we know about them, the more we understand what makes us special and how we use our talents today, tomorrow , next year and beyond.

The Strengths Explorer Report helps you to think about these talents by describing 3 of your Top Signature Themes of talent.

The Strengths Explorer Workbook has been designed for parents to use with their child or for a mentor or teacher to use as a tool to encourage their child or group to understand their unique talents and how each person is different and also has unique talents.

Steps to do StrengthsExplorer

1. Purchase your StrengthsExplorer Package (USD$7.95) from https://www.strengths-explorer.com.

2. Email your Signature Theme Report to a certified coach. To find a coach in your area go here. Your coach will contact you directly to make an appointment. Each coach is trained to make this session a very relaxed yet insightful, positive experience for you.


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