Top 5 Signature Themes:
Coaching is the most important component to living your Strengths. This is a 90 minute conversation with an Accredited Strengths Coach who has been trained to help you discover what’s right and to maximize & develop your raw talent into strength.  The better you can apply the ways you naturally think, feel and behave then celebrate, refine and build on this, the greater your potential to perform with strength at home, at work and in your community.

Did you know:

The chances of meeting someone with your Top 5 Signature themes are:  1 in 268,000?
The chances of you meeting someone with your Top 5 Signature themes in the same order is 1 in 33 million?

Each of the Strengths descriptions are a generic example of how it may describe you.  However your coach is trained to help you recognize how they work together and how this translates into your unique contribution.

We all recognize that everyone is different, and that we are all special and unique, but all too often we give only surface attention to this deeply important insight.

Our talents represent our natural power and potential – our greatest opportunities for personal and career success – so we need a way to at least begin thinking and talking about them.

Coaches Directory

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United States

CA, Ceres                        Joe Holloway                            Top Five, Partnership, Team and full 34

CA, San Diego               Marc Otto                                   Top Five, Partnership, Team

CA, San Francisco      Shelley Goodale                       Top Five

ID, Idaho Falls             Travis Guse                                Top Five, Partnership, Team and Full 34

NE, Omaha                    Joseph V Cavanaugh III       Top five, Partnership, Team and Full 34

NE, Omaha                   Jon Reid                                       Top Five, Partnership, Team and Full 34

NE, Omaha                   Alli Van Roekel                         Top Five, Partnership

NE, Omaha                   Oanh Vu Heiser                        Top Five

NE, Omaha                   Emily Brumund                        Top Five

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We discover the authentic strengths and motivations of individuals, teams and organizations and equip them to fulfill their unique purpose. Whether you are an individual in career or life transition or a member of a team that desires to take performance to the next level, we can help. We employ a unique and proven process that allows a holistic approach to coaching. We are experts in the process, allowing YOU to be the expert on YOU.

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